July 13, 2010

Myriad Botanical Gardens phase 2 contract awarded!

OJB is pleased to announce that Tulsa-based general contractor Flintco Inc. has been awarded the construction contract for City of Oklahoma City project MP-0412B, the Myriad Botanical Gardens Renovation - Site Improvement Plans! Estimated at $23.6M, the approved bid for the contract comes it at an amazing $22.7M, leaving over $900,000 as a construction contingency.

With an anticipated start date of July 12, the MP-0412B contract includes paving installation, specialty site features, interactive water features, plant material, high-efficiency irrigation, site utility infrastructure, site lighting, improvements to the lake and aquatic systems, environmental graphics, minor demolition and the relocation of existing specimen oak trees within the project site.

Stay tuned for more updates during construction!

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