December 18, 2012

Sunnylands Center & Gardens in Huffington Post: One of 2012's Notable Developments in Landscape Architecture


"If solving world problems (or any other nettlesome issues) is on your agenda, strolling through Burnett's brilliant design is a terrific place to cleanse and sharpen your mind."

Charles A. Birnbaum, The Huffington Post

Huffington Post Screenshot

In his year-in-review piece for the Huffington Post, Charles A. Birnbaum (President of The Cultural Landscape Foundation) discusses the public's ever-increasing awareness of landscape architecture—especially for those projects that positively contribute to the public realm and embrace their respective contexts (including climate change).

We are honored that Sunnylands Center & Gardens was one of four landscape architecture projects (which opened in 2012) that Birnbaum feels warrant public attention.

Well worth reading: "2012's Notable Developments in Landscape Architecture"

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