Sustainability Statistics

LEED GOLD Certification


  • The historic context of the site was considered, as the project redevelops a degraded site.
  • The new 28-story office tower was built on the platform of a parking garage structure from the 1980s.


  • 148 trees were planted including native trees, red buds and shumard oaks.
  • Annual planting was avoided. Some native plants were included, such as wharf bayberry and inland sea oats.
  • Low water usage planting was used on-site.


  • Trees have the potential for intercepting 74,000 gallons of water which is the equivalent to 1/10 of an Olympic-sized pool.*
  • 100% of the stormwater is reused for landscape irrigation, reusing 283,000 gallons of water a year.
  • Since the site has seven levels of below grade substructure from the existing parking garage, water is captured at the base and pumped up for reuse.  
  • Green roofs were installed to reduce the heat island effect, absorb stormwater and provide useable space for the users.

Carbon, Energy + Air

  • The trees sequester 17,760 pounds of carbon annually, which offset a standard car driving 24,159 miles.**


  • Benefits are provided beyond the project’s footprint. A one-acre public sculpture garden was part of the development. Revenue generated from the cafes and shops surrounding the garden is dedicated to a non-profit organization.
  • The project adds active nightlife and restaurant amenities to the downtown Dallas streetscape.
* The tree average for water interception is 500 gallons. (EPA’s water trivia facts) The colloquial volume of an Olympic pool is 660,000 US gallons assuming the depth of 2m.

**120 pounds of CO2 per tree annually (This number is based on an average from the National Tree Benefits Calculator) One car produces an average of 8,320 pounds of CO2 per year. Each vehicle drives an average of 11,318 miles per year. (The Code of Federal Regulations - 40 CFR 600.113)


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