Sustainability Statistics


  • 950 trees were planted.
  • 9 acres of forested area was saved and maintained on-site.


  • Land mitigation allows the lake, adjacent boat ramps and some landscape to fill with water, keeping residential and commercial spaces unharmed. In April 2016, a major flood revealed the landscape performance to be a success.
  • Trees have the potential for intercepting 475,000 gallons of water which are equivalent to the water usage for 4,750 American residents for one day.*

Carbon, Energy + Air

  • The project reduces light pollution.
  • The planting strategy reduces temperatures in urban areas.
  • The trees sequester 114,000 pounds of carbon annually, which offset an average car driving 155,0787 miles.**
* The average for water interception by a tree is 500 gallons. American’s use an average of 100 gallons of water per day (EPA’s water trivia facts)
**120 pounds of CO2 per tree annually (This number is based on an average from the National Tree Benefits Calculator) One car produces an average of 8,320 pounds of CO2 per year. Each vehicle drives an average of 11,318 miles per year. (The Code of Federal Regulations - 40 CFR 600.113)
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