January 26, 2015

ASLA Renovates to Become The Center for Landscape Architecture

The ASLA headquarters at 636 Eye St. NW in Washington, DC is slated to be renovated this year to become the new Center for Landscape Architecture.  Jim Burnett has chaired the Fundraising Task Force, a team of 18 leading landscape architects to raise the estimated $4M necessary for the full renovation. 

Gensler will lead the design team in the building renovation, which will include a major facade facelift for a greater street presence, a planted 3-story atrium, and completely reformatted office spaces. Preliminary plans also include a green roof and awning and planting throughout by Landscape Architects Oehme van Sweden. Construction is planned to begin in fall of 2015.

>> read more about the Center for Landscape Architecture on its website here

>> read the full announcement article on ASLA.org here


Conceptual sketch by Gensler showing the atrium staircase and greenroof above. Image courtesy of ASLA.