October 21, 2015

Andrew Albers Presents at AIA Practice and Design Conference

On October 16th, Andrew Albers, AIA, presented at the AIA Western Mountain Region 2015 Practice and Design Conference in Keystone, Colorado. Andrew’s talk, entitled, “Between Sign Pen and Razor Point; Vision and Craft in the Landscape,” examined three case studies; tracing the development of the landscape from concept to realization with a focus on the material implications involved. The presentation explored the relationship between the design team and construction team and how understanding and communication can be used to realize design intents that may from the outset seem difficult to achieve.

The case studies focused on the landscapes of the Brochstein Pavilion and Central Quad at Rice University (the fountain), Enterprise Plaza in downtown Houston (the pavers and planters); and The Leland Federal Building in downtown Houston (the planters and paving). In each of these projects the Office of James Burnett worked closely with the construction team to develop new techniques to achieve the intended designs.