December 12, 2013

Klyde Warren Park Metrics Published in LAF Landscape Performance Series

Klyde Warren Park has been the focus of a new case study conducted and published within the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s award-winning Landscape Performance Series. 

The social, environmental and economic aspects of Klyde Warren Park were assessed and documented through LAF’s Case Study Investigation (CSI) program, a research collaboration that connects university research faculty and their students with landscape firms to better assess key projects' impact.  OJB worked alongside UT Arlington Assistant Professor Taner R. Ozdil, PhD, and MLA candidates Sameepa Modi and Dyland Stewart on compiling narratives and metrics on the parks construction and operations. The Woodall Rogers Park Foundation was a major contributor and partner in providing the research team with operational context and numeric. 

OJB partnered with The team at UT Arlington in March of 2013 to analyze and assess Klyde Warren Park's impact upon the surrounding Dallas area. Projects were originally selected for what LAF describes as their "design innovation, potential to produce comprehensive quantified benefits, availability of baseline information, and the firm’s commitment to the research collaboration".

The LAF database includes over 70 exemplary landscape projects with quantified environmental, economic, and social benefits. It has been conducting research initiatives and case study briefs since 1986. 

>> read the LAF brief on Klyde Warren Park