August 05, 2014

OJB Hospital Projects Named #1 and #8 Most Beautiful in Nation by Soilant Health

Every year, Soilant Health, one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the country, hosts an online competition for the most beautiful Hospitals in America from a list of nominated entries.  

The Office of James Burnett is happy to announce that out of the 20 hospitals awarded in 2014, OJB provided landscape architectural services for both the #1 and #8 winners.

The Christus St. Michael Health System in Texarkana, Texas taking #8 Most Beautiful with 9,835 votes, is described by Soilant as " one of the only hospitals on our list this year (or any year) that was wholly designed more than 20 years ago. Specifically- built to address the spiritual needs of patients, the grounds here feature a 1½ acre lake, wooded walking trails, an outdoor gazebo, sitting areas and specially-designed water features."

The #1 Most Beautiful Hospital in the nation, with 39,624 votes, is The McKay-Dee Hospital Center in Ogden, Utah. Soilant says "For 2014, Ogden, Utah’s McKay-Dee Hospital Center got nearly a dozen times more votes than it did last year, when it made our rankings for its symmetry and gorgeous artificial lakes, landscaped against the backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains."

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