November 01, 2012

Plaza of The Americas Featured in Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News' Real Estate Editor, Steve Brown, recently reported on one of our newer projects in Dallas: a renovation of the atrium space at Plaza of The Americas. Constructed in 1980, the atrium had been the home of a little-used ice rink. OJB's design will replace the ice with seating and dining areas, water features, groups of plantings, and two small retail pavilions.

"Having this amazingly generous amount of space for a landscape opportunity was terrific. The key is to take that enormous space and volume and make it more intimate. You will be looking down at a green space that has some action in it. That’s going to add a lot of vibrancy to the development. This will definitely be very busy at lunch time, and we hope this will be a place to gather after the work hours, too."
Jim Burnett as quoted in Dallas Morning News

The article: Bringing the park indoors: Plaza of the Americas redo trades ice for green space