June 07, 2013

Sunnylands Takes Front and Center in Los Angeles Times

The Center and Garden at Sunnylands is again front and center, this time as the featured cover story in the Los Angeles Times. President Obama is due to meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping this weekend at Sunnylands.

Christopher Hawthorne, LA Times Architecture Critic, gives a good sense of how form meets function and present meets past at the 'coolly crisp Sunnylands Visitors' Center'. 

Hawthorne writes in his cover story "A crisp building of glass and white stucco looking out on a superbly designed garden by the Texas landscape architect James Burnett, it incorporates a couple of direct nods to the Jones design, including lava-rock walls and freestanding trellises... Throughout the process of creating a new Sunnylands, Fisher and the other designers had to walk a fine line, bearing in mind the Trust's dual mission as a high-level center for political retreats like this weekend's and as a house museum open for public tours."

We look forward to seeing this new Chapter of Sunnylands Center and Gardens settle into its place in history this weekend. Keep checking back for updates!

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