August 01, 2018

Cary Park Community Meeting

Last Wednesday the town of Cary, North Carolina, held a community workshop to kick off Phase II of their 7-acre Downtown Park Project. At this meeting OJB shared possibilities for the future park and led focus group discussions with community members. Over 300 Cary citizens attending the workshop then had the opportunity to share their vision and give feedback as to which park features are most important to them.

Downtown Cary Park Phase II will encompass the remaining 6-acres of the park and include a variety of elements yet to be determined. Phase I of Downtown Cary Park was completed last June and included features such as a large fountain, an outdoor performance space, outdoor games room and open lawn areas. The Town of Cary is exited to see this project take shape and foresees this park as a regional destination, gathering place for the community and a catalyst for redevelopment in Downtown Cary.

To read more about the Downtown Cary Park workshop read the article available here.