Burbank Studios in Burbank, California is a legacy Hollywood studio center and the former home of NBC studios. Worthe Real Estate Group has begun redevelopment on the 1950’s era Studios to create a 35-acre state-of-the-art film and TV broadcast studio center.

OJB has reimagined the face of the Fairway Building to include a 630 foot by 40 foot covered linear garden. The complete east face of the Fairway Building, formerly a loading dock, has been broken into 8 programmed terraces which will act as the hub for the 35-acre site and serve as breakout / collaboration spaces for the three tenants within the building. The courtyards will house games, seating and dining areas, micro-lawns, and collaborative seating spaces.

The historic awnings are being selectively peeled back to reveal the existing canopy frame structure above the loading dock.  The leading dock structure has been surgically cut to make room for planting, where trees will sit on-structure and at-grade to lead guests and tenants into the space. A series of five water features will run the length of the site, will provide visual interest, and cool the space, while vibrant ornamental planting will compliment the architecture and create a respite from the industrial setting.

The loading dock courtyards are the inaugural phase of the full 35 acres site redevelopments, and renovation is slated for completion this spring.


Burbank Studios Fairway Building