October 11, 2016

OJB's East Village Green Featured in San Diego Downtown News

Reporter Delle Willette penned a feature on OJB's East Village Green project for the Art on the Land column in San Diego Downtown News. The new 4.1-acre park will offer the bustling East Village neighborhood of San Diego a much-needed public open space. 

Key excerpt: 

Where some people might see vacant lots and utility infrastructure, Nathan Elliott sees opportunity.
Elliott is a principal with the Office of James Burnett (OJB), a San Diego landscape architecture firm that has received national recognition for the impact their public parks have had on their communities.
Working with Civic San Diego, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and a team of local consultants, Elliott has led OJB’s preparation of East Village Green’s general development plan (GDP) and his team is currently preparing to begin the design process that will ultimately lead to the park’s construction.
“I think the East Village is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation and we’re very optimistic about the ways this important new public open space will help catalyze that change,” Elliott said.

Read the article in its entirety on SanDiegoDowntownNews.com and learn more about East Village Green by clicking here.