San Diego East Village Green
September 12, 2016

San Diego Union-Tribune on Downtown Construction Boom and East Village Green

San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Roger Showley examines San Diego's construction boom, recent funding allocations, and the projects that will benefit. 

Key excerpt: 

For the current fiscal year, ending June 30, the staff proposes $18.1 million for eight projects. The biggest, $5 million, would go East Village Green, on top of $20 million previously allocated, to design and build the 4.1-acre park, bounded by 13th, 15th, F and G streets.
The park, as designed by the Office of James Burnett landscape architectural firm, is intended to entice East Village families to stay when they have children rather than move to the suburbs. Dog owners also are promised a new dog park in OJB’s plan.

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