Tower cranes and elevator hoists that have scaled the outside of the 50-story Devon Energy Center since construction began more than two years ago are coming down and preparations are under way for employees to begin their move this spring.

Construction coordinators and Devon executives, including Executive Chairman Larry Nichols, led a tour Monday of the future Devon Energy headquarters. Vice President Alan Marcum noted landscaping is already under way, with trees being planted on five rooftop terraces built atop the five-story Garden Wing. Several floors of the tower, meanwhile, appeared to be ready for employees to move in immediately, with offices fully equipped with desks, bookcases, and credenzas.

John Wood, project coordinator with the building’s developer, Hines, acknowledged different parts of the complex are in various stages of completion. The top 10 floors still are open to the elements and have yet to be enclosed.

The view of the exterior glass skin of the tower reveals a series of “fins” on three sides of the building that will have a range of 260 color LED light combinations that will be visible from all angles of the city. The same LED lighting also will be set into the diamond crown that tops the tower.

“We’re setting glass and working to get skin completed on the tower,” Wood said.

“On the base of the tower, much of the work is complete. In the lobby and rotunda, we’re working on the final touches, putting in the stonework.”

Nichols expects employees will start moving into the headquarters in March, with the transfer to be completed by June. In the meantime, however, the job site is still swarming with a construction workforce — second only in size to that of Devon among any employers downtown.

“There are about 1,400 workers who come here every day,” Nichols said. “You don’t see them all at the same time, but when you come in here, it’s amazing to see the sheer volume of people working here.”

When the company completes its move to Devon Energy Center, it will mark the first time since its 1999 acquisition of Pennzoil that the entire headquarters operation is in the same complex. The company’s workforce is currently spread out among five downtown buildings, including the headquarters at 20 N Broadway.

“Everyone is very eager to get back in, not just into one complex, where you can access each other immediately,” Nichols said, “but also to be in a new building with state-of-the-art design, state-of-the-art amenities, and all the features this building will offer.”

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