609 Main at Texas

Sustainability Statistics

LEED Platinum Certification


  • Once a parking lot, the project redevelops a degraded site into a Class A office tower.
  • Erosion control strategies are implemented, by using geotextiles to stabilize soils and plants for root stability.
  • The design protects floodplain function by capturing and storing water in a cistern.


  • 28 red oaks were planted along the streets. 28 allee elm trees were planted on level 12.
  • The project avoids annual planting providing maintenance, installation, and material savings.
  • Native and adaptive planting were selected for the project.


  • The site design mitigates runoff, through proper grading, drains, and the installation of a green roof. The planting on the roof absorbs water and returns it to the air, absorbing approximately 70% of the precipitation hitting the roof.
  • The project's detention requirement was set to handle a two-year storm event. Planting on-site slowed down sheet flow in an urban area.
  • The design reduces outdoor water usage.

Carbon, Energy + Air

  • The double-decker green roof was installed to reduce the heat island effect, absorb and filter stormwater, and provide enjoyment for the users. The green roof keeps the roof surface temperature as much as 43.5 degrees cooler than the conventional black roof on the hottest summer days.
  • The project uses regional materials.
  • Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke was minimized through designated smoke-free zones and prohibited smoking on-site.


  • The project avoids annual planting, reducing costs associated with maintenance, material, and installation.
  • The roof garden was part of a strategy to incentivize tenants on the lower floors of the building. It acts as a physical amenity for tenants on the 12th and 13th floors and a visual amenity for those above. By making it double-decker, one level can service the lobby space and the other is private.


  • Located on the metro line and with access to downtown’s tunnel system, the project utilizes alternate modes of transportation.
  • The tower has a 13-level parking garage for 1,500 cars to accommodate the tenants in the building.
  • 3/4 acres of useable outdoor space for gathering is located on top of the parking garage.
  • The project provides optimal site accessibility, safety, and wayfinding. 

609 Main at Texas

609 Main at Texas in Downtown Houston is home to a 48-story, 1,050,000 SF office tower. The tower is located in the central business district along the city metro rail line, at the intersection of Main and Texas streets. Construction on the pre-certified LEED Platinum building began in March 2014 and was completed in February 2017.

OJB’s scope includes hardscape and landscape improvements at the site’s entry plaza and streetscape along the Main Street side of the building. OJB also designed an expansive two-tiered, 30,000 SF urban Green Roof which offers unprecedented views of the urban skyline. Movable furniture and ipe benches allow for a multitude of flexible seating options on the roof terrace and a place for office workers to reconnect with nature, enjoy their lunch outdoors or host a team meeting in the fresh air.  An interior 28-foot tall Greenwall and water feature greet visitors in the main lobby. 609 will share the Houston Skyline with BG Group Place, another joint OJB PCA project completed in 2011.

In keeping with the project’s design goal to be LEED Platinum, the site’s hardscape was designed to include durable non-glare materials selected for their ability to absorb the bright Houston sun and to clearly define circulation. Native and adaptive species were utilized throughout the site ensuring highly efficient planting that thrives in the urban environment, particularly in the shade and wind that is prevalent on roof gardens. A drip irrigation system results in reduced water consumption while the planting absorbs approximately 70 percent of precipitation hitting the roof.

Houston, TX
Team: Pickard Chilton, Kendall / Heaton, Cardno Haynes Whaley, ME Engineers, D.E. Harvey Builders
LEED: Platinum Certified