Envisioned as a mixed-use development, Arboleda will be a premier model for sustainable development in San Pedro Garza Garcia, which serves as an important corporate center in Monterrey, Mexico. The master plan will create a new urban center on a 26-acre site next to the Campestre Golf Club with dramatic views of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

At the core of the project, the leaf shaped park serves as a significant outdoor area, providing a distinct open space and a rich experience for the public and residents. The development will include a vibrant commercial zone and a secure, private residential area, both organized around a central park.

Arboleda offers a diverse variety of site programming. Residents will live in three towers and smaller scaled villas in the residential area and two midrise apartment buildings in the commercial district. This lively, walkable district for business and entertainment will also include office towers, office gardens, restaurants, stores, café bistro, a performance pavilion, a hotel, and a cultural center. The clubhouse will link the commercial and residential zones and will be an amenity for all.

Highlighting the projects’ emphasis on sustainable design, it will be compliant with LEED for Neighborhood Development, a system of design which integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism, and green building. The main goal for the landscape is to rehabilitate and strengthen the existing site ecosystem through plant selection and reforestation, using only native species. The relocation of existing trees, the use of adaptive drought-tolerant plants and the implementation of an organic landscaping management program ensures a maintainable and ecological green area.

Monterrey, MX
Team: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, HKS, Inc., KMD Architects, JSa Arquitectura, RDLP Arquitectos, Fountain Source, HWA Parking, Quentin Thomas Associates, Environmental Design
LEED: Platinum Certified - Club House; Gold Certified in Progress - Residential and Commercial Phase 1