BG Group Place

Sustainability Statistics

LEED - CS Platinum


  • The building was constructed on the site of an old, dilapidated hotel known for criminal activities. In 2007, The Houston Chronicle mentioned the block to be, “the most blighted block in all of downtown.” The tower’s development transformed the site.
  • The tower was downtown Houston’s first LEED Platinum office building.


  • There were 29 trees planted on the ground level and 36 on the roof deck, including red oak and wax myrtle.
  • A pollinator garden was included in the design strategy. When flowers are in bloom, butterflies fly around on the roof.
  • The project avoids annual planting, reducing costs associated with maintenance, material, and installation.
  • Native and adaptive planting was selected for the project.


  • There was a 42% increase in permeable surfaces on-site for planting.
  • The green roof was installed to reduce the heat island effect, absorb stormwater, provide visual enjoyment to the users, and act as a passive filter for airborne particulate matter.
  • The design reduces outdoor water usage by recycling water.

Carbon, Energy + Air 

  • In comparison to the conventional concrete parking roof, the roof garden reduces the average air temperature by approximately 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit and the average surface temperature by approximately 15 degrees on a July day.
  • Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke was minimized through designated smoke-free zones and prohibited smoking on-site.


  •  The roof garden was part of a strategy to narrow the gap between upper and lower floor lease rates. It acts as a physical amenity for all tenants and a visual amenity for those above.
  • From 2012 to 2016, the appraisal value has increased by more than 50%. The net rentable space value has increased from $242 per sq ft to $491 per sq ft.


  • Materials not needed on-site were recycled.


  • The project supports alternative modes of transportation, located in the center of downtown, at the intersection of two rail lines, in walking distance to most other downtown buildings and with a connection to the tunnel system. The building has an 11-story parking garage with 1,120 parking spaces for tenants.
  • The project provides optimal site accessibility, safety, and wayfinding. The client valued the streetscape presence, striving to set a new standard in downtown office building streetscapes by having trees and lush planting.

BG Group Place

BG Group Place has been designed to provide a series of significant landscapes for the tenants and visitors of the building. The tower is 46 stories, with a Sky Garden at level 39, roof garden at level 11 above the retail and parking garage, and a tree-lined streetscape at the ground level. 

 Red oaks are placed in evergreen hedge bars and are designed to soften the street and provide a comfortable pedestrian experience. The garden level above the garage offers tenants an outdoor seating and gathering space. The roof level perimeter wall has been kept low and a transparent railing allows for optimal views to the city. These roof gardens are highlighted with multi-stem evergreen trees to provide scale in the garden. 

The Sky Garden located near the top of the tower creates the signature iconic element in the Houston skyline. The garden includes three separate observation areas with trees, seasonal planting and seating areas for the tenants and visitors.

Houston, TX
Team: Pickard Chilton, Kendall/Heaton Associates
ASLA Texas Chapter Merit Award, 2013
Photo Credit: Paul Hester, Tommy Orellana