Healthcare design has been an important practice area for OJB because we believe landscapes have the power to heal and restore. By focusing our approach on “wellness” instead of “illness,” our designs create a warm and inviting atmosphere for patients, visitors, and staff in an otherwise cold institutional environment. We understand the various needs of a healthcare campus and design our landscapes to enhance accessibility and circulation while providing respite for patients and their families. Optimizing the campus experience with serene courtyards, beautiful campus walks and features allow all to engage with nature’s therapeutic benefits and improve overall health and wellness.

Research shows that exposure to natural environments positively impacts human health and well-being -- simply looking at nature lowers heart rate, improves mood, and reduces stress. Landscape design has the power to transform a healthcare campus into a place for people that can heal bodies, minds and spirit. Our designs strike an appropriate balance between ecological and functional, respecting local ecologies and natural systems yet providing space for socialization and community building.

Selected Projects