The 21st century workplace is transforming to allow a diversity of work styles and enhanced productivity. While daylighting has long been recognized as a catalyst for better health and efficiency, access to outdoor spaces has also proven to have beneficial effects on workers’ happiness and well-being. OJB is leading explorations into how employee health and wellness can be achieved with environmentally advanced landscape solutions.

We partner with companies across the U.S. to enhance employees’ ability to connect and excel, with integrated networks of amenity, work, and collaboration spaces. In response to changing patterns of work, recreation, shopping, dining and other cultural activities, we are exploring how exterior amenity spaces can provide both active and passive recreation. Nourishing creativity and engagement are essential elements of the new workplace environment. At the same time, areas offering moments of quiet reflection and respite can be intertwined with communal, lively spaces.

Blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces also contributes to employee health and satisfaction. OJB celebrates regionally appropriate plant palettes, including sensory landscapes, that are finely tuned to environmental conditions and strict sustainability practices.

Selected Projects