Alexandra Kelton, Billing + Administrative Specialist

Billing + Administrative Specialist


About Alexandra Kelton

Alexandra joined OJB in 2021 with more than 10 years of bookkeeping, Human Resources, and Office and Business Management Experience for a variety of industries. Her love of numbers, organization, and chatting with new people has honed her excellent problem-solving skills. Additionally, Alex has provided business consulting for smaller, local businesses in the Houston area, implementing financial and interpersonal guidance during difficult times (such as Diversity and Inclusion training, employee performance improvement plans, and disaster/pandemic recovery). She has organized events for underrepresented individuals, held fundraisers for local nonprofits, and most recently, teamed up with local businesses to provide advice and direction during the outbreak of COVID-19. Outside of work, Alex enjoys cooking, being a part of the Houston Arts community, and spending time with her two cats.