Ashton Williams

Designer | Houston /

Ashton joined the Houston office in 2017 after earning a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture degree and graphic design art minor at Texas A&M University. Ashton’s undergraduate studies emphasized adaptive reuse, evidenced-based planning, urban design and the transformative potential of underutilized space to empower marginalized communities. Her work received several Texas ASLA awards; two international design awards in Bonn, Germany and merit scholarships.  Ashton was also Texas A&M’s 2017 University Olmsted Scholar and served as an officer for her university chapter of ASLA.  She aspires not only to create beautiful, sustainable places that are environmentally regenerative and socially inclusive, but also to elicit an emotional connection shared by those who experience them.

Ashton is currently working on several corporate and academic campuses, as well as a master plan for a mixed-use office park.