Juan Gabriel Rosillo, Senior Associate

Senior Associate



About Juan Gabriel Rosillo

Juan Gabriel joined OJB in the summer of 2021 with 7 years of experience in project design, documentation, and management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Houston and a master’s in landscape architecture from Louisiana State University. Juan Gabriel enjoys working on projects with highly used public spaces as well as exploring the blurred interior/exterior line in our contemporary spaces. His experience in destination landscapes helps him apply a fresh outlook on public everyday projects. He feels inspired by long trips to national parks and being completely immersed in nature. Additional inspiration comes from constant reading and scoping out highly designed spaces by visionary architects and designers in all fields of design. Notable projects of his are Post Oak Boulevard, Mini Groves Park, Conrad Playa Mita, the Aquaventure Expansion, and Santa Maria Sport and Country Club.