Rachel Wilkins

Associate | Houston / rwilkins@ojb.com

Rachel is a designer interested in how geometry and materiality converge to produce aesthetic meaning in the built environment. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology/Pre-Medical Studies from Loyola University in New Orleans in 2007, where she learned the fastidiousness of scientific methods and application, choosing to focus her elective studies on the synthesis of complex molecules in unicellular organisms during photosynthesis. In 2009, following her true passion for design, she received her master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Houston, where her projects focused on the effects of materiality, light, and spatial geometry on human perception, and how space can be meticulously crafted through technical proficiency and economy. After graduation, she collaborated with her professor and architect, Donna Kacmar and later Natalye Appel’s office on residential and small scale architecture projects. Since joining OJB in 2013, Rachel has brought her careful attention to detail and desire for an effortless integration of landscape and architecture to high-profile projects such as Levy Park, Conoco Phillips, and the Conrad Sauer Detention Basin Park in Houston, as well as the new Toyota Headquarters in Plano, Texas.