UC San Diego Marshall & Sixth College Planning Study

  • Location
    La Jolla, CA
  • Completion Date
    Design Completed 2016
  • Size
    60 acres
  • Team
    Architect: Fehr and Peers, SOM
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The planning study aimed to create a sense of place within the West Campus, while anticipating the impending increase in student population. Two large surface parking lots necessitated replacement which was addressed via the suggested relocation of parking into subsurface garages. In addition, OJB proposed the creation of a ‘complete street’ walkable streetscape for the Scholars Road expansion and established preservation guidelines for The Grove – a large historic eucalyptus reserve and cultural asset. The master plan calls for the establishment of the site as a haven for public art, which will include Stuart Collection Pieces and sculptures throughout the planning area. The study focused on the incorporation of sustainability features, including stormwater strategies, green roofs, and native and adaptive plant and tree species.