Sustainability Statistics

LEED Gold Certification


  • Devon Energy’s consolidation of their U.S. headquarters in Oklahoma City sparked the movement of hundreds of Texans to Oklahoma. This migration was the catalyst for economic development and city improvement.
  • OJB was involved in the master plan. The renewal of Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City’s streetscape improvements, and Devon Energy occurred simultaneously.  
  • The location of the tower was chosen due to adjacencies with Myriad Botanical Gardens and the site’s status as surface parking. 


  • 208 trees were planted, including honey locust, shummard oak, and lacebark elms.
  • The project uses only native and adaptable species while avoiding annual planting.


  • Three water features create visual interest, provide cooling during the summer and create ambiance. The tower water feature, radial water feature, and south water feature are designed to prevent water from being expelled into the air, lowering the evaporation rate and offering fountain efficiencies.
  • One acre of permeable surface surrounds the office tower.
  • Green roofs are installed to reduce the heat island effect, absorb stormwater, and provide enjoyment to the users.
  • Trees have the potential for intercepting 104,000 gallons of water which are equivalent to the water usage for 1,040 American residents for one day.*

Carbon, Energy + Air 

  • Outdoor gathering spaces for employees and the general public are positioned under a shady grove of trees and next to fountains. This design strategy regulates temperature, making the space comfortable for users even on a warm summer day.
  • The planting strategy reduces temperatures in urban areas.
  • During construction, pollutants were controlled and retained.
  • The trees sequester 25,000 pounds of carbon annually, which offset three cars per year.**


  • The site’s development has served as a catalyst for growth in this area.
  • Maintenance savings were considered in the design by planting no annuals, specifying plants that are aesthetically pleasing year-round, and requiring no hedging.


  • The project supports alternative modes of transportation, with a bus stop nearby and walking paths.
  • The project provides optimal site accessibility, safety, and wayfinding.
* The tree average for water interception is 500 gallons. American’s use an average of 100 gallons of water per day (EPA’s water trivia facts)
**120 pounds of CO2 per tree annually (This number is based on an average from the National Tree Benefits Calculator) One car produces an average of 8,320 pounds of CO2 per year. (The Code of Federal Regulations - 40 CFR 600.113)
Devon Energy Headquarters
Devon Energy Headquarters
Devon Energy Headquarters
Devon Energy Headquarters

Devon Energy Headquarters Sustainability Statistics Devon Energy Headquarters