Ethos: Academic

Campus landscapes are dynamic, living systems that must evolve to meet the changing needs of each generation and community. As stewards of these legacies, our role is to be mediators and consensus builders. We must synthesize overlays of history, landform, infrastructure and program to organize spaces and develop circulation that works in larger compositions. We bridge existing buildings with newer facilities by incorporating both mature landscapes and new social courts. Our goal is to extend learning beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom, laboratory or residence hall, and to make outdoor spaces part of the platform for fostering ideas and connections.

Ethos: Cultural

Museums, theaters, libraries and other cultural destinations are places of gathering. They celebrate our desire for collective experience. Landscape has a special role to play in announcing and exemplifying the importance of destination. Circulation and demarcation also have primacy, as visitors may map a relationship with the site that enlightens them to the identity of the space. We seek ways to strengthen the narrative of the visitor path, and connect the inside and outside, through an ensemble of orchestrated moments.

Ethos: Health + Wellness

Landscapes have the power to heal and restore. By focusing our approach on wellness instead of illness, we seek to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for patients, visitors, and staff in healthcare settings. Optimizing the campus experience with serene courtyards, planted roof decks and beautiful campus pathways allows all to engage with nature’s therapeutic benefits and improve overall health and wellness. Our goal is to transform the healthcare setting into a place where people can heal bodies, minds, and spirit.

Ethos: Hospitality

Hospitality is always changing to meet new customer expectations. Landscape has a special role to play as an experiential pathway that adds to a memorable guest experience. We seek ways to seamlessly blend modern technology with the landscape palette. While guests relax amidst the intuitively designed experiences, clients appreciate the return on investment of the judiciously programmed site. Our goal is to create unique lifestyle experiences and comfortable spaces for guests that encourage people to return again and again.

Ethos: Mixed Use

The best adaptable landscapes allow large-scale environments to flourish side-by-side with intimate, human-scale opportunities. We design mixed-use experiences for flexibility and responsiveness, including seasonal changes and diverse programming needs. By understanding site contexts and community lifestyles, we design multi-purpose spaces that harmoniously blend the best of retail, hospitality, office, recreation, and entertainment. Our goal is to make spaces that can transform with changing needs, and that offer welcome for everyone.

Ethos: Parks + Gardens

Parks, greenways and public open space are essential civic infrastructure. We have transformed many North American cities by rethinking the aesthetic and economic underpinning of public spaces, including new self-sustaining park models in Dallas, Chicago, Toronto, San Diego, and Houston. Structured deck parks, including those that cap or are adjacent to highways are places of transformative opportunity. Reclaiming spaces ceded to cars for the public realm can change how cities work. Our goal is to rethink how we connect to each other by making equitable access to parks and gardens a priority.

Ethos: Private Gardens

Our living spaces are always enriched by their relationship to the outdoors. Our garden rooms can be found in compositions both organic and curated. We seek to capture the essence of place and use the language of water, stone and planting to composed timeless, enchanting places that bring respite and joy, while stimulating all of the senses.

Ethos: Retail

As more retail has moved to online transactions, people still crave the social and experiential environment that retail can provide. Thoughtfully designed street level entries, gardens, plazas, terraces, and streetscapes offer layered sensory experiences that can draw shoppers in and encourage them to linger. Our landscapes create seamless indoor-outdoor experiences. Curated plantings, captivating water features, and selective site furnishings establish green spaces that can reposition a retail location into a restorative and inspirational destination.

Ethos: Urban Design + Planning

Equitable access to nature is a universal right. We need nature to build community, heal our spirit and foster wellness. Whether at the city scale or the campus scale, we seek to connect systems and infrastructures to work together. Landscape does not end at the street edge or building front door. Our goal is to make sense of these interrelated systems and connect them to the larger public realm. This is how we can make our cities more healthy, walkable, resilient and humane.

Ethos: Workplace

The 21st century workplace is transforming to allow a diversity of work styles and enhanced productivity. Daylighting is a catalyst for better health and efficiency, and access to outdoor spaces has beneficial effects on workers’ happiness and well-being. We seek ways to enhance employees’ ability to connect and excel, with integrated networks of amenity, work, and collaboration spaces. Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of people and expand the ways we think about creativity, social connection and productivity.

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