Sustainability Statistics


  • Levy Park protects floodplain function.
  • The project restores a partially degraded site.


  • The design conserved vegetation by saving and transplanting trees on-site.
  • 20 trees were protected on site and nine large trees with a diameter of 36 – 48 inches in caliper were relocated.
  • 138 trees were planted, including live oaks, allee elms, bald cypress, and shumard red oaks.
  • Planting encompasses 84,787 square feet.
  • 32% native plant species were used.


  • A 7,500 square foot detention garden acts as an amenity while managing stormwater.
  • Houston has many flooding concerns. This design employs a land mitigation strategy and meets a detention requirement.
  • The trees can intercept 80,000 gallons of stormwater runoff on site, which are equivalent to the daily water usage of 800 American residents.*
  • The project features 3.3 acres of permeable surface.

Carbon, Energy + Air

  • Large trees provide shade, decreasing the temperature by 10 degrees in the park.
  • The trees sequester 19,200 pounds of carbon annually.**
  • During construction, pollutants were controlled and retained.


  • Property values in the area were increased due to the installation of the project. The price per square foot changed from $81 to $140 on the West side (170%+) and from $46 to $92 on the North side (200%+).  


  • The park hosts an active and lively community garden through an organization called Urban Harvest. The design enhanced the existing gardens. The parking lot was designed to accommodate a pop-up farmers market.
  • The park acts as an amenity for the residents of surrounding neighborhoods, with a restaurant, activity lawn, dog park, playground, rain garden, educational facilities, and fitness.
* The tree average for water interception is 500 gallons. American’s use an average of 100 gallons of water per day (EPA’s water trivia facts)
**120 pounds of CO2 per tree annually (This number is based on an average from the National Tree Benefits Calculator) One car produces an average of 8,320 pounds of CO2 per year. (The Code of Federal Regulations - 40 CFR 600.113)

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