Glendale 180, a mixed-use development stretching along Cherry Creek just 5 miles southeast of Downtown Denver, has been announced. The project will marry the trails, waterways, and cultural sites of Cherry Creek to its south and the Cherry Creek neighborhoods and shopping district to its north, re-invigorating an underutilized space into a vibrant hub.

Glendale 180’s three defining principles – culture, nature and leisure – are stitched together to establish flow and define and unify interconnected spaces. The project will house a hotel, extensive retail, nightlife attractions, restaurants, a bicycle cafe and bodega, and various social and connective spaces. Walkways and plazas sit across several levels, and the site’s dynamic configuration – constricting and opening along its length – will serve as both destinations and connectors, drawing in pedestrians from the surrounding destinations and encouraging social exchange.

The landscape and architectural design have pulled inspiration from iconic Colorado landforms, where a series of public concourses weave together graceful aspen groves, alpine hillside greenroofs, a canyoned corridor with a membrane water skim, and an open meadowed central plaza.

Glendale 180 is slated to begin later this year and open in early 2016.

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