OJB Confirms Social Justice Commitment with Just 2.0 Label

Diversity, equity, engagement, and inclusion are not new topics at OJB. Our practice has continuously examined firm policies and goals to best align with these positive social values. For the first time, however, organizations have a common set of measurement metrics in the Just 2.0 program, launched by The International Future Living Institute, organizers of the Living Building Challenge, Core Green Building Certification, Zero Carbon Certification, and Zero Energy Certification.

The Just 2.0 label contains 22 specific social equity indicators across six general categories, with specific measurable benchmarks. Categories include diversity and inclusion, equity, employee health, employee benefits, stewardship, and purchasing.

Our team has spent the past six months analyzing our progress against these key categories and specific indicators. The process has had wide-ranging impacts across our organization. We have identified new and emerging leaders. We have opened up lines of communication across geographies, disciplines and experience levels. We have strengthened existing policies and identified areas for growth and improvement. We are proud to declare our social justice and equity policies and practices. We believe that the Just 2.0 declaration is commitment to a more socially just workplace and a clear signal of who we are as an organization. We hope that it will continue to be a catalyst for change within our profession.