OJB’s Design of Levy Park Brings Excitement to Houston

Levy Park reopens on February 25 and the grand opening event will include a full day of free activities and performances. OJB’s design and programming reimagines Levy Park and creates a remarkable new green space for visitors and all Houstonians near and far. The large children’s garden offers plenty of opportunities for fun and it’s where the imagination will live. A fourteen-foot “Cosmo” is in the center, encouraging climbing and physical play. Other activities found throughout include a climbing wall, seven-foot wide slide, LED-lit tunnels, water feature, and an elevated boardwalk that meanders within the large Live Oaks. Levy Park has 5 other “niches” throughout the 5.9-acre park that will serve a variety of users including the activity lawn, shaded dog park, community gardens, performance pavilion and restaurant.

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