Sunnylands Center and Gardens Showcased in Villegiardini

We are pleased to share a glimpse into Villegiardini, an Italian magazine focused on design for gardens, architecture, and lifestyle. The magazine dedicated a lavish feature on OJB’s garden design of Sunnylands Center and Gardens in their March issue.

In this in-depth examination of the design inspiration for Sunnylands, readers were taken on a tour of the sumptuous garden rooms that make up the award-winning desert botanical landscape. Generously illustrated with details and features of the plant selections, and threaded with the story of how the garden came into focus as the dream of Leonore Annenberg, the feature is a visual feast for the eyes. It also highlights the garden’s botanical, visual, and emotional richness, the ability of each visitor to be immediately connected with nature, and Burnett’s work in using refined geometries and elegant simplicity to create a lush atmosphere in a severe climate. The article ends with the remark that the Sunnylands Center and Gardens is at peace with the landscape and the spirit of the Annenberg’s.

We thank Villegiardini for their in-depth look at one of our favorite projects. Read more in the PDF below and on the Villegiardini Instagram.

Villegiardini Sunnylands Article