The Office of James Burnett is pleased to announce that Sunnylands Center & Gardens has been distinguished with a 2012 Professional Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Sunnylands Center & Gardens will be recognized at the ASLA Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony on October 1st in Phoenix, Arizona.

An extension of the historic desert retreat of Ambassador Walter and Leonore Annenberg, Sunnylands Center & Gardens features a 15-acre desert botanical garden created by the Office of James Burnett. This living landscape respects the character of the Sonoran Desert and demonstrates a new ecological aesthetic for landscapes in the arid southwest.

“This is all about the plants and they are spectacular, adding texture and color to the desert and lawns. This shows a real knowledge of plants. The feeling is lush and the colors are fabulous.”
– 2012 Professional Awards Jury

ASLA Professional Awards recognize the top public places, residential designs, campuses, parks, and urban planning projects from around the world. In addition to the quality of the design, the jury also weighs the environmental sensitivity and sustainability of each project.

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