The Brisbane Baylands Wins the 2021 AN Best of Design in Landscape (Unbuilt) Award

Twice is nice. Yesterday we shared our winning project in the built category for the 2021 AN Best of Design Awards, the Arjay Miller Arboretum North Pond at Ford World Headquarters. Today, we share our winning project, the Brisbane Baylands Master Plan, which also took top prize for landscape design, this time in the Unbuilt category. We are thrilled for our clients and collaborators and extend our thanks to The Architect’s Newspaper and the esteemed jury for their recognition of our commitment to responsive design solutions.

This remarkable 641-acre site in the heart of the San Francisco Bay is a generational opportunity to reclaim and repurpose an industrial fragment for new public uses. The master plan reknits the tidal basin and freshwater wetlands with a land use development vision that balances ecological and social needs. A transit- and pedestrian-oriented design approach prioritizes wellness, providing accessible greenspace within a half-mile for all. Open spaces capture rainwater and are a focal asset that helps regenerate native habitats, including ephemeral, freshwater, and tidal wetlands. The plan organizes and connects recreational, residential, and working pathways with a multimodal infrastructure, as well as ribbons of greenbelts, highlighting walkability and low impact development. Onsite renewable energy creation and storage is also planned to meet a zero carbon future. Looking outward, the site connects to the regional trail system, and contributes to the reassembly of the Bay Shore Trail. ⁠

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