Urbanland Magazine Features Levy Park and Explores Real Estate Payoff

Houston’s Upper Kirby District Neighborhood anticipates that the redevelopment of Levy Park revitalizes the neighborhood and adds value for real estate. Local residents, workers, and other Houstonians took to the park before it even opened.

“We saw more activity before the park was open than what we saw before we started working on it. It was pretty sleepy.” said Chip Trageser, OJB’s lead Principal for the project.

The park serves many different needs – from the everyday neighborhood user to the city at large who may be attending a special event.  Redefining and reactivating this public space has set Levy Park at the center of the district and the park is attracting crowds of people – whether they are passing by after lunch at a nearby restaurant, visiting the adjacent farmers market, or taking their children and dogs to the park.  Over the next couple of years, it’s expected that Levy Park will have a measurable impact on the public realm, economic development, and smart growth.

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