Andy Miller, ASLA, Project Director

Project Director

San Diego


About Andy Miller, ASLA

Andrew joined OJB in 2012, after working for RDG Planning & Design where he aided in the designs for several urban parks and college campus landscapes. He earned a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. Andy is a Project Director, who is responsible for implementing and documenting the design for the project. He leads design coordination with the project team and manages the day-to-day contact with the internal design team and the full project team. Andy has been instrumental in several of OJB’s largest and most complex projects and has a wealth of technical expertise that underpins his design ethos. He specializes in detail-level design and enjoys the puzzle of integrating thoughtful details cohesively into the site. Andy particularly enjoys designing areas for children’s play and appreciates the joy that well-designed play spaces bring to children and their families. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the outdoors with his children, visiting play areas that inspire his designs.