Brendan Schartz, Associate




About Brendan Schartz

Brendan joined OJB in 2018 as an intern before becoming a full time Designer in 2020. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Brendan’s journey into landscape architecture was inspired by a professor who had a profound impact on him. This influence prompted him to switch from architecture to landscape architecture. Active in all project phases, Brendan is a Project Designer in the Houston office with expertise in 3D modeling and construction documentation. He relishes collaboration between specialties and witnessing the translation of landscape design from inception to creation. According to Brendan, a good outdoor space requires a harmonious blend of natural elements, such as the right mixture of planting materials and opportunities for exploration and engagement. When people enter an exceptional outdoor space, it should evoke a sense of connection to their roots, offering moments of intimacy and special experiences. Brendan believes that landscape architects should address issues such as gentrification and advocate for policies that improve equity and access to green spaces. He emphasizes the importance of providing everyone with the opportunity to experience nature and interact with plants and animals. In his spare time, Brendan enjoys woodworking, gardening, exercising, and cooking.