Brett Gehring, Senior Associate

Senior Associate



About Brett Gehring

Brett Gehring holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture, which he earned from Arizona State University. With an extensive career spanning over 15 years in landscape design, he possesses a holistic comprehension of the field, and a keen focus in all aspects of construction. His professional specialization is centered around arid climates and horticulture, extending across the southwestern United States, including California, Arizona, and Texas. He has effectively overseen the management of several construction projects, which have varied significantly in scale and scope, and ranged with budgets from $500,000 to those exceeding $20 million. His wealth of experience includes, but is not limited to, irrigation systems, steel construction, site grading, structural design, planting design, among many others.

In his free time, Brett enjoys traveling, classic car restoration, woodworking, and propagating plants. He has a passion for music and enjoys DJ-ing in his spare time.