Brittany Blicharz, ASLA, Director



About Brittany Blicharz, ASLA

Brittany earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design and Architecture from the University of Colorado at Boulder. As a Director in the Denver office, Brittany has ten years of experience in design-focused and project management roles. Despite working on a wide range of project types, Brittany has found her passion in working on residential gardens. Brittany’s stance on design – every design has a story to tell – is echoed in her work by taking a holistic approach to the overall project. She strives to think critically about the landscape’s relationship to the architecture and interiors to execute a harmonious relationship between all three. She feels that exterior materials bring harmony to the architecture, while planting design can give the landscape its own identity. Whether the project demands botanical interest or restoration of a native landscape, she dives into the planting design giving it great thought. Working in several different regions with differing plant palettes has greatly expanded her experience with planting design. Her personal interests collide with professional explorations when it comes to garden design. Whether experimenting in her personal garden with various plant species, researching the latest developments in the profession, or diving in deep on a project-specific plant design, Brittany takes a project-by-project approach to finding the right solution to each project, because each site will ask something different of the design.