Charity Cheung, ASLA, Associate




About Charity Cheung, ASLA

Charity joined OJB Boston in 2020, a week before the pandemic sent the office to work remotely from home. Her adaptability in times of stress and uncertainty makes her a reliable team member in overcoming challenges in the project process. She earned her Master of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Landscape Studies from the University of Hong Kong. As a Project Designer, Charity is passionate about landscapes that evoke tranquility and spark human emotion. With a detailed background in 3D modeling and graphic design, she is quick at learning new technology. She uses these skills to advance OJB’s knowledge and adoption on projects. She believes that design approach experimentation and graphic representation can inspire a transformative and adaptive solution to landscape. In her free time, Charity enjoys spending time with friends, visiting family, and practicing karate.