Cody Klein, ASLA, PLA, Partner


Boston, Philadelphia


About Cody Klein, ASLA, PLA

Cody Klein joined OJB in 2011. He earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) from Oklahoma State University. As a Partner leading OJB’s Boston and Philadelphia offices, Cody Klein stands out as a formidable driving force in the world of landscape architecture, steering the ship of innovation and design excellence. With a penchant for leadership and a commitment to impressive design, Cody’s influence has been nothing short of transformative. As Partner-in-Charge for projects in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Texas, his unique blend of creative ingenuity and a profound appreciation for the environment has yielded award-winning projects that not only captivate with their elegance but also endure through time with their practicality. Beyond his portfolio, Cody’s ability to foster inclusivity and collaboration within the design process makes him an invaluable asset to the company. Originally from a small town in rural Arkansas, Cody draws inspiration from both urban living in Boston and a connection to nature.

He is a proud Alumni and frequent speaker, recently being selected as the OSU – Ferguson College of Agriculture Alumni Early Career Achieve award. In his free time, Cody finds inspiration for his designs in the intimate moments of nature. He enjoys exploring Vermont with his family, which includes going hiking, swimming, fishing, golfing, skiing, and sledding.