Cristina Frass, ASLA, Associate




About Cristina Frass, ASLA

Cristina joined the OJB Houston team in 2019 after graduating with honors from Penn State. She received two student awards from the PA-DE chapter of ASLA, as well as numerous design awards from the university. Cristina discovered her passion for landscape architecture through her traveling experiences. She is fascinated by the way in which culture molds the landscape and vice versa. As a designer, she strives to enhance and celebrate the uniqueness of each place. During her time in OJB, Cristina has worked on projects such as Field Street Tower and 2401 McKinney Tower, two of the upcoming highest office developments in Dallas with vibrant streetscapes and several roof gardens. She also worked on the Moody Center, UT Austin’s newest sports arena and plaza, and the re-envisioning of the prominent 101 California Plaza in San Francisco.