Darby Buckley, Associate ASLA, Associate





About Darby Buckley, Associate ASLA

Darby has been a member of OJB’s Houston team since 2019. Darby earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Lincoln-Nebraska. Darby is pragmatic and detail-oriented in her role as Project Designer. She enjoys examining all the layers of projects, the complexity of site conditions, and the potential to positively improve quality of life in built environments. She has a strong background in planting materials, building technology and urban design. Darby is constantly learning different technology and construction methods to improve efficiency within the discipline. She is one of the leading BIM professionals in our Houston office. A curious and fast learner, Darby is an essential team member for multi-phase, intricately layered projects. She is currently exploring how to apply artificial intelligence systems in landscape architecture. In her spare time, Darby continues her love of creation, and enjoys various creative pursuits such as crafting, baking, and sewing.