Hyun Kim, Senior Associate

Senior Associate

San Diego



About Hyun Kim

Hyun joined OJB in 2018, after working in Los Angeles as a landscape designer focused on large scale mixed-use, commercial and masterplan projects. Prior to his move to the west coast, Hyun worked in Ann Arbor, Michigan on several large site and campus planning projects. Hyun earned a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University Pennsylvania, a Master of Landscape Architecture from Seoul National University, and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Kyung Hee University in South Korea. As a Senior Associate, he has a strong track record in design and project management. Hyun has a profound understanding of project intricacies and on-site conditions equips him with an ability to tackle intricate project hurdles. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, and now residing in San Diego, he possesses a keen awareness of the crucial role that parks and green spaces play in promoting human health and well-being, especially in densely populated urban areas. Outside of work, Hyun enjoys spending time with his family, and occasionally playing tennis.