Jereck Boss, FASLA, Partner


Dallas, Houston


About Jereck Boss, FASLA

Jereck Boss is a registered Landscape Architect in Texas, Nevada and Utah and has been with OJB for 17 years. With over 25 years of professional experience, Jereck is a Partner in OJB’s Houston office, overseeing a broad range of institutional, corporate campus, mixed-use, and large-scale urban design projects, including walkable and innovative streetscapes. In addition to leading the design and development of multiple projects across the United States, Jereck also manages operations, marketing and project management for the firm.

Jereck developed an interest in design, architecture and landscape architecture at an early age.  He was inspired by the painterly desert near his childhood home that while fragile, still managed to thrive in extreme conditions. He has a deep respect for natural topography and considers the backdrop of each landscape as a vital part of the whole composition. Jereck is a champion for a “design first” philosophy and believes that projects are only as successful as the least compelling design element. He believes that good design should not be neutralized by limitations – but rather that limitations are a catalyst for better design as they push designers to come up with creative solutions that would otherwise not be considered. He relishes in the simplicity of design; growing up in the desert adheres to his design style. In addition, getting the mobility and connectivity aspects of a project right is one of the most important aspects of Jereck’s work.

Jereck believes connecting people with nature is at the heart of landscape architecture. He enjoys creating beautiful outdoor spaces that bring peace and tranquility to whomever steps foot on site. Jereck currently lives in the museum district in Houston, and he enjoys going to every urban park, museum, and plaza each time he visits a new place during his travels.