Lisa Davis, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP, Associate Technical Director

Associate Technical Director



About Lisa Davis, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP

Lisa Davis joined OJB in 2008. She is a registered Landscape Architect with nearly 20 years of professional experience. Lisa studied Horticulture for her undergrad in Taiwan and then earned her Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois. As Associate Technical Director, Lisa Davis has worked on a range of projects including parks, streetscape, resort, campus, and master-planned community design. Lisa knows that a good outdoor space requires careful consideration of programming and context. It should be designed with a strong emphasis on its adjacencies to mixed-use and commercial areas, and it should harmoniously integrate into its surroundings. She has a strong belief that landscape architecture should take risks and explore new opportunities, especially when clients are open to innovative ideas. In the future, she would love to tackle the challenge of working on larger scale park projects, which offer more extensive and ambitious design possibilities. An avid walker, Lisa enjoys exploring Memorial Park. According to her, it is a great example of walking trails that balance curated versus natural space.