Marc Bilbao, Designer


San Diego


About Marc Bilbao

Marc Bilbao recently graduated from the Master of Architecture program at Cal Poly Pomona and has a background in furniture and product design. Over the past five years, Marc has worked as a building designer and project manager at a small multidisciplinary firm in North Carolina. Prior to entering the field of architecture, he spent three and a half years at a bespoke contemporary furniture company as a design engineer and CNC technician.

Marc’s passion lies in creating designs that bring permanence and harmony to the world, focusing on creating environments that are useful, accessible, beautiful. Until recently, Marc embarked on cross-country journeys in a self-renovated vintage Airstream trailer, which was featured in the book, “The Modern Caravan: Stories of Love, Beauty, And Adventure on the Open Road” by Kate Oliver (Chronicle Books, March 2022). In his free time, he and his wife embark on adventures in this trailer, exploring destinations such as the Mendocino coast, the San Bernardino mountains, Los Angeles, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. While Marc has enjoyed traveling to various places, he loves exploring the diverse ecosystems of California’s wilderness.