Meg Levy, Chief Operating Officer | Partner

Chief Operating Officer | Partner

San Diego


About Meg Levy

Meg oversees the general operations of the firm and guides the development and execution of the firm’s strategic plan. Meg’s primary focus is to ensure that the firm achieves its short- and long-term financial goals while honoring OJB’s commitment to design excellence and passion for landscape architecture. Meg is dedicated to the growth and development of the team and hiring the best and the brightest talent for OJB. Meg was instrumental in establishing OJB’s operational protocol, including the firm’s key performance metrics, processes, reporting tools and employee performance planning. These initiatives were implemented over the last 12 years and have helped align and support the growth objectives of the firm.

Since she began working for OJB in 2003, Meg has been instrumental in establishing and evolving the firm’s operating platform, including leadership structure, recruiting strategies, EDI initiatives, key performance metrics, contract management, and performance-focused planning. Meg lives in North County, San Diego with her two kids, two dogs and husband.