Nate Carvin, Senior Associate

Senior Associate

Philadelphia, San Diego


About Nate Carvin

Nate joined OJB in 2017, bringing experience in community and park development with residential design. As a member of the San Diego and Philadelphia offices, he has been integral to studio management and team mentorship; ensuring each office are current leaders in documentation and project management. Nate graduated with Honors in Research Distinction from Ohio State University, leveraging degrees in Landscape Architecture and City Planning as part of an ASLA Student Honor Award team studying landscape interventions on local land uses creating negative environmental impacts. He continues throughout his professional practice an emphasis on natural environments as a restorative means toward wellness and equity to all users. A product of various regional environments, Nate continues to cultivate a range of experience with diverse native landscapes and sustainability throughout project lifecycles; specializing in project management, client engagement and collaborative advancements, and technical and design development.