Phil Fernberg, Director of Digital Innovation

Director of Digital Innovation

San Diego


About Phil Fernberg

Phillip Fernberg, Ph.D. ABD,  is a researcher, educator, and technology strategist helping to lead the transformation of OJB’s digital environment. As Director of Digital Innovation, his core mission is to develop a more advanced, creative, and immersive experience for our designers, clients, and communities by weaving deep technology into the fabric of our design workflows and business operations. Phil’s current research interests revolve around urban design and perception in virtual space, artificial intelligence (AI) applications for design of the built environment, and organizational management of water issues facing Utah’s Great Salt Lake. He also has broader research interests in landscape dynamics, digital fabrication culture, and the future of design-build practice. Before joining OJB, Phil was a researcher in the Visualization, Instrumentation and Virtual Interaction Design (VIVID) Laboratory at Utah State University where he utilized cutting-edge tools and methods to work on a variety of research questions.

Phil earned a BA in Latin American Studies from Brigham Young University, MLA from Louisiana State University, and is soon to receive his Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and graduate certification in Anticipatory Intelligence from Utah State University. As an academic, his contributions have helped teams win Top Paper in Scientific Excellence awards from international journals as well as grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Janet Quinney Lawson Institute of Land, Water, and Air (ILWA). Phil has also been awarded the 2022-2023 LAF Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership during which he explored the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for landscape architecture practice and began work to organize an international AI-Landscape working group. Outside of his role at OJB, Phil is a contributing writer to Landscape Architecture Magazine, Chair of the Board of Directors for Latter-Day Saint Earth Stewardship, and adjunct instructor at Utah State University in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning department.